A Letter to Oreos: Stick to What You Know

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen this photo. If not, you really should follow me on Twitter.20130618-201221.jpg

What sort of tomfoolery is going on at the Nabisco headquarters? You can’t make the best thing in the world (Double Stuf Regular* Oreos) any better, so stop trying. First they came out with the “Golden Oreo,” which I actually tried (the roomie doesn’t like chocolate [I know] so she had these once). I can’t say they weren’t good, because they were.They tasted like Vienna Fingers in round form. Good, but certainly not an Oreo.

But watermelon? This luscious fruit is so magnificent on its own. Creating it in creme form for this horrific cookie is just wrong, and quite frankly, sounds disgusting. I’m imagining a watermelon gummy candy being eaten simultaneously with a sugar cookie. There is simply no reason for it.

However, I do have faith that these won’t stick around. One of all, the shelves were fully stocked with this flavor “Oreo” while the normal*, double stuf, and even fudge covered Oreos seemed to be sparse on inventory. This is a good sign that people aren’t buying this garbage and are sticking to the original deliciousness. Two of all, the comments on the picture that I posted were all along the lines of “ew” “gross” and “disgusting.” I have faith that Americans will do the right thing and will not continue to allow these to take up precious space for the real deal.

*I hate that I need to even differentiate with words like “regular” and “normal.” There is one acceptable Oreo and I should be able to just refer to them as “Oreos.” 


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