Five Thing Friday

1. I had a dream last night that I was a sous chef for The Pioneer Woman and we were filming one of her episodes. I have no idea what we were making, but I was grating a lot of cheese and she was really appreciating my effort. Rather than try to figure out what this strange dream means, I’d like to officially apply for that position because that would be awesome. I can picture myself living on the ranch and running in from a days work on the farm to freshly made scones. Too much?

2. We won two kickball games last night and I scored my second run of the entire season. We are now in the final four and have some serious egos right now. We better get that in check.


3. After said wins, I “had” to get a celebratory beer with the team which did absolute wonders for the cough, sinus issues, and sore throat I’ve been dealing with.

4. I really want to see The Heat because it looks hysterical and I love Melissa McCarthy.

5. I told myself I’d do lots of running this weekend. I think we all know how that will turn out.
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