Five Thing Friday 07.12.13

1. Have you heard “Holy Grail” yet? They’ve done it again, that’s for sure.

Now I just need JT and Mary Camden to get divorced so I can (1) marry Justin and (2) become BFF with Beyonce. You never see Jessica and Bey together. Why isn’t she taking advantage of these collaborations?? What a waste.

2. I got to see my mommy yesterday (hi mom!) but enjoying beers on Thursday night was a tease because now this day is really dragging.

3. I ran 4 days so far this week. Can I get a slow clap?

4. I had ice cream 4 times in the past week. Does my slow clap get retracted?


Just so you know, this is an old picture. Just shows how much ice cream I actually eat.

5. Here’s hoping the humidity chills out this weekend so my hair is under 1 foot in width and I can comfortably lay by the pool. Is that too much to ask?



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