The Bachelorette, Week 8: Brooks is Still Boring

Hometown visits are a favorite of mine and last night’s episode did not disappoint. We learned that these snooze-fest guys actually have personalities – except for Brooks, of course.

Des first met Zak in Dallas, where she found him perched upon a bench with his sketchbook. Evidently, Zak realized he needed to be artsy to win Des over, so he took over a fake hobby in the last two weeks. He told her some “dream” about them being on the beach where it was hot but snowing at the same time. I would have walked away then and there, but I guess Des has more patience than myself and was able to humor him. Zak introduced Des to the family business when they drove around in a snow cone truck. True to form, Zak donned a penguin suit and Des managed to proudly tell the children “the penguin is my boyfriend!” Cool. Zak’s family was way more normal than him! Well, except his mother. He definitely takes after her and I’d love a dose of whatever happy pills she takes.


I was mildly incredibly outraged when Zak and his mom kissed on the lips, though. What in the world goes on? We were again reminded that Zak is an aspiring musician when he and his siblings sang to Des, hoping someone would discover them and allow them to become the next Lady Antebellum. At the end of the day, Zak gave Des a ring and told her he loved her, which was weird to say the least, since this looked like an engagement ring.

We were next introduced to Drew’s family in Arizona. Des met his sister who is mentally disabled, who Drew has mentioned previously. This made my stone cold bachelorette heart melt. It made me like Drew a lot more – geled hair and all. His family must bring out the best in him because he was so much more open and comfortable. He even looked Des in the eyes when he told her loved her. Drew is sweet but I just don’t think they mesh well together. He will be heartbroken soon, for sure.

Up next was a visit to Chris and his family in Oregon. The poets played a little baseball and we were reminded that Chris is the only normal guy on this show – even with the poetry. Don’t worry, though. His Dad quickly squashed that title after he cracked Des’ back without her asking, only to then “re-adjust” Chris’ nose. The level of cringe was off the charts. What the hell was that!?

Unlike Zak’s mom, Chris’ mom did not take her happy pills. She said wonderful things about Des but didn’t crack a smile the entire time. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she just had Botox.

Des went to visit Brooks and his family in Utah and we were reminded of how unreciprocated her feelings are. Des confessed that she loves Brooks while he admitted that he’s still not sure how he feels about her. Yikes. They went to meet his 20 siblings, who all liked Des more than Brooks does. Once his family approved of Des, Brooks was all about it. Weird.

Des met her brother to talk to him and tell him not to be a douche bag when/if he met the guys since he ruined her life when he met Sean.

During girl tawk with Chris Harrison, Des AGAIN said she loves Brooks (this is 3 times now, and who knows how many others that they didn’t air) but he still hasn’t told her that he loves her. It’s so sad. Give it up, girl.

Des sent Zak home and his one minute in the limo is the first time during this entire season that I actually liked him a little bit. He was so heartbroken and quite frankly, loves Des way more than Brooks does, so that’s just an awful situation. I felt bad for the guy.

If Brooks doesn’t voluntarily leave the show, Drew will be eliminated next week. Then, Des will pick Brooks on the final episode and he will reject her. It’s science.


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