Five Thing Friday 8.2.13

I am so sorry that I missed not one, but two, five thing Fridays in a row. I swear it was for good reasons (Beyonce and Taylor Swift).

1. A few weekends ago I headed to Boston for my friend Rian’s bachelorette party. Friday night we headed to a Red Sox game. They won, which is good, because Ri is a huge fan and it would have ruined her night. Check out our adorbs shirts (the numbers spell out her wedding date.)20130802-095234.jpg

Saturday, we did super girly things and got pedicures, dinner, and went to a “Magic Mike” show as a special surprise for Rian. I’d love to share pictures, but i don’t think it would be appropriate for a public blog. I assure you that we all had a blast – especially Ri!

Sunday, I died. I can’t wait for October to celebrate her nuptials!

2. The following week was Beyonce and Taylor Swift, but I got to spend some time at the beach in between. I’m currently accepting applications for sugar daddy’s so I can own a beach house. Please and thank you.20130802-094949.jpg

3. I realize how long it’s been since I’ve blogged because I have yet to mention Cory Monteith. This post reflects my sentiments exactly.

4. I attended a brewfest last weekend which was a hoot. I saw my BFF and we were all drunk by 6PM. Solid.20130802-101551.jpg

5. I put the below request on Twitter yesterday and have yet to hear back from anyone so I’m extending it to the blog.

Please note that it is now August 2nd, so we only have 11 days. I’ll be lenient and waive the first gift…


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