Weird Wednesday in Videos

This video had been circulating the interwebs, and there was a lot of speculation that it was staged.

Turns out it was in fact a marketing ploy created by the league. First things first, can someone get these people a job that isn’t related to acting? Or, if that’s all it takes, then I’m going to Hollywood because I’m more talented than those two put together. Monotone “Jessica” and “doesn’t care that he was rejected” David need to take a class or two. Secondly, if we pretend that this was in fact a real proposal, I plead all to take note that this is why no proposal should be done in public. I don’t care how confident you are. Drew was “confident” too. Remember that.

Perhaps take a note from this guy who tricked random girls into making out with him. He’s a genius. Most of these ladies are not.

Finally, happy hump day from my current favorite commercial.


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