Five Thing Friday 8.15.13

1. I am officially on the wrong side of 25. This week has been a whirlwind. My friends were awesome enough to celebrate with me last Saturday as well as Tuesday, and at my elderly age, I am really feeling the repercussions.

2. Any lawyers available that can help me sue Better’n Peanut Butter for false advertisement? I have no idea why I bought this garbage masquerading as food.


I think I had a 5 minute span where I was going to be healthy this week that was promptly ruined by birthday nachos at midnight on Tuesday. Since I eat peanut butter by the spoonful cupful, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to cut out half of those calories. Turns out, I’ll be cutting out all of my peanut butter cals because I refuse to eat this horrendous “food.” The consistency was pretty normal, but if I wanted my peanut butter to be sweet, I’d eat it in the form of a Reese’s cup. Talk about a disappointment. Don’t buy it.

3. This is old news, but it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t include it. Beyonce’ got a pixie cut and looks as flawless as ever. No one is surprised. If I could kindly ask you all to bow down.

4. I’m still not over “Blurred Lines” even though it’s played every 3 minutes on the radio. Neither is this lady. One gentlemen was kind enough to give his neighbor a ride home, and smart enough to take a video of what was happening behind him. Go watch it. If it doesn’t make your day then we can’t be friends.

5. I have no plans tonight – actually a first in a long time because I’m so popular. Just kidding (about the popular part. I actually don’t have plans.) I intend to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and catch up on some much needed sleep. So far, 26 has taken a toll on me.


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