Five Thing Friday 8.23.13

1. I was talked into getting a gel manicure last Saturday and it is the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I have super brittle and fragile nails because I bite the crap out of them. Usually, my nails start to chip after 2-3 days. Here are my nails almost a week later.20130823-124043.jpg
I even showed you my right hand since I’m righty and that hand usually gets messed up more quickly. This is after being pretty rough on them too. I’ve been doing a lot of baking, which means cleaning dishes (with no gloves). I scrubbed my shower last night for goodness sake and they still look like this.There’s a teeny tiny chip on one finger, but you probably can’t see it. I’m a fan.

2. I am currently reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster after my friend Kate recommended it to me. How have I not read this yet? I’m actually laughing out loud and I’m only two chapters into it.

3. I was on a no-carb kick this week. It was going swimmingly until trays of cookies were brought to our company luncheon. Good thing it wasn’t ice cream.

4. I’m still hoping that *N Sync is denying the reunion just so they can pull a Beyonce/Destiny’s Child Superbowl halftime show at the VMA’s on Sunday. If only so uneducated children can finally see the light.

5. Just because I’m in this mood, THE CLAWWWWW. Happy Friday!


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