Ten Thing Friday, 09.06.13

I figured I’ve been so MIA and missed last week’s Five Thing Friday, we’ll amp it up to 10 this week. You’re welcome.

1. I went to the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert at SPAC last night. This was my 4th time seeing Kel and 2nd seeing Maroon 5. This show was AMAZING. They are both incredible live and so so talented. Neither of them sang anything that wasn’t one of their singles so the crowd was wild the entire time. Side note: Adam Levine asked some people in the front row a question only a “die-hard fan would know” and if they got it right, he was giving them a guitar. A guitar. He hummed the tune of “She Will Be Loved” and the girl didn’t know the song! WTF. Everyone went nuts because um. Educate yourself. Also, why are you buying front row tickets if you’re not a die-hard fan? She was probably 14, so she was too young when that song came out to have known it, so I fault her parents and/or older siblings if she has them. Oh, and Adam gave her the guitar anyway! Because he’s Adam Levine and why not? He was laughing though and asked her to please learn something about their band – a reasonable request.

The only picture I took last night. My 4 Kelly concerts don’t hold a handle to her 29. Hope you’re okay with this on a public site, btw…

2. Autumn, I love you, but it’s too soon. I had to get a hot coffee from Dunkin for the first time in like 4 months. We should still have a few more weeks of summer and I should still be drinking Iced!

3. I had a dream last night that I was a new Glee cast member. Lea Michele and I were singing together. Is this a sign? Should I call Ryan Murphy? Make a video?

4. I’m so mad that I forgot to take another picture of my gel mani for you! But it lasted two weeks with only two very small chips. After that, I started picking them because I have no self-control, so I ended up taking it off. FYI I used the acetone/foil method and it worked like a charm. My super brittle nails weren’t ruined at all. AKA I highly recommend the gel manicure.

5. I just. Come on.

6. Thank you, whoever you are. Who Stole Miley’s Tongue?

7. The woman that wrote “An Open Letter to People Who Can’t Stop Talking About Pumpkin Spice Lattes” is from Arizona, but I agree with her for my own reasons. “I love fall” stuff if the equivalent of telling me its raining outside via Facebook. I know. I’m here, too. For example, today I belong in a photo circulating Pinterest. I’m wearing leggings, a giant sweater, and a scarf. I might as well have orange and red leaves circulating my head spelling out words like crisp, pumpkin, snuggle, blanket, boots, and layers. But I would never post a picture of that for you, because it’s just annoying. Also, my hair is really greasy today.

But I will make you look at this…

8. “An Open Letter to One Direction Fans from a Backstreet Boys Fan” – I couldn’t have said it better myself. You have things like Tumblr and Pinterest. You will never know the agony of a sore hand from cutting out magazine photos to plaster on your wall and into a scrapbook.

9. Have you seen the DWTS cast for this season?! Looks like I’mma have a
new show to watch and critique, since I don’t do enough of that already. Snooki, Amber Riley, Jessie Spano Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, Leah Remini. These are known people! I’m so excited!
Sorry, I had to.

10. I’m out of stuff but I have number OCD so here’s your tenth. HAPPY FRIDAY!


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