Five Thing Friday, 9.13.13

I really dropped the ball on blogging this week and for that I apologize. I need to get back into the swang of thangs now that it’s mid-September.

1. Speaking of dropping the ball, I didn’t even know that The X Factor started this week! Luckily, I realized it Wednesday night and avoided a mental breakdown. You can read my re-cap of Wednesday’s episode here, but I haven’t gotten a chance to watch Thursday’s yet, so hush.

2. With the cooler temperatures, I am reminded that the return of my TV favorites is upon us, aka Glee, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family.

3. It is Friday the 13th. In honor of her blockbuster hit horrible movie, Freaky Friday, let’s have a moment of silence for Lindsay Lohan’s career.
Glee Animated Gif on Giphy

4. Miley is winning everything and I’m not even ashamed to admit that. If you haven’t listened to “Wrecking Ball” yet, do it now. Try to just ignore the sledgehammer-licking.

5. I am currently enjoying the (hopefully) sunny and warm ocean breeze on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m here for a wedding and will see you guys and gals next week!


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