Five Thing Friday, 9.20.13

1. Yesterday, I dropped my favorite water bottle on the floor at work and it shattered into a million pieces. Well, I suppose it didn’t “shatter,” per say, but a little chunk is missing from the lid. Alright, so it’s still usable, whatever. It was however, completely full when I dropped it so that added to the fun.

2. I was craving hot chocolate for the rest of the day – I think my blood sugar dropped significantly when I realized my beloved piece of plastic broke. Anyway, I decided to buy a box because I had a feeling this craving would come again in the next few days. I scooted off to Target (I spent $22.00. I went in for hot chocolate and spent $22.00. I hate that place.) I returned home and excitedly ripped open the box to find that I grabbed a box WITHOUT marshmallows!!!!! I know, right!?! Ugh. I drank it anyway, but my Thursday was ruined after that. Why do they even sell marshmallow-less packets? I might as well just drink plain hot water.

3. I wasn’t planning to write anything about The X Factor today but then I cried watching Ashly’s performance. I already started following her on Twitter which says a lot since I usually don’t start stalking out contestants until top 10-20. This video isn’t the best quality but I promise it’s worth watching.

4. I bought like 15 Groupons this week. I don’t even remember what they all were. I remember contacts. Oh, and mixing bowls, because I need more of those. I’m thinking about going back and getting the $25 for $75 worth of wine because duh.
natalie dee - wine

5. I will be attending Farm Aid on Saturday at SPAC. I am so excited for this – even it does bring my total cost of concerts this year to just shy of $2,000. I’m not even sure if I’m exaggerating…



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