Michael Buble’: All The Feels

I realize that many of you were anxiously awaiting an X Factor review, but for very good reason, that will need to wait. I mentioned that Al bought me Michael Buble’ tickets for my 4th 22nd birthday, and last night was the magical night. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think we’re probably gonna end up together if Seth doesn’t contact me sometime soon.

This man is a hopeless romantic and comedian all in one. I’ve always loved his music, but as with most celebrities, I am now obsessed with him.

I was happy and sad. I was nostalgic and hopeful. I was laughing and crying (not real tears, surprisingly, but definitely made the face). Not many people have that talent. I can’t even go through all of the songs he sang and how incredible they were – you know how to use the Google.

Confetti during “All You Need is Love” ❤

What I will tell you is that the absolute best part of the show was during the last song of his encore, “Song for You,” my darling Michael (were still deciding on nicknames) put down his microphone, ripped out his ear piece, got the whole crowd to shut their mouths, and he just sang. No mic. No sound system. Just Michael singing into a giant venue. We were in the top section to the side and I could hear him more clearly than I did the entire night. Talk about incredible.

Love you, Michael Buble’. I’m coming front row for ya next time.


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