Five Thing Friday, 10.4.13

1. X Factor is so disappointing. I hate the whole “four chair challenge.” It’s so twisted. These contestants are basically praying for their competition to fall or really screw up their song. It feels so animalistic. Plus, Demi Lovato is literally the worst at choosing people. I can’t even talk about it. I’m still unsure of who Paulina is and what the hell she’s doing there.The one positive about the show is that Kelly Rowland is an amazing judge. She and Simon should just run the whole thing.
kelly rowland (148) Animated Gif on Giphy

2. I cried at the previews for next week’s Glee. The previews. I’m not really sure what more to say about that fact.

3. I was cackling watching this SNL parody of Girls.

4. I know I’m a day late on this, but it’s necessary to include.

5. My friend Rian is getting married tomorrow! I am so so happy for her and so excited to celebrate! Love you, Ri!20130802-095829.jpg


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