Rian & Corey Tie the Knot

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in my friend Rian’s wedding. Rian and I lived together in college and she has remained one of my best friends to this day, so it was wonderful to stand by her side as she married Corey.

The whole weekend was so fun, and yours truly didn’t take many pictures, but I will share what I have. Saturday began with hair & make-up at the salon at 7AM. The morning flew by and before I knew it, we were getting Rian into her dress. By “we” I, of course, mean her sister/MOH and another one of her friends/bridesmaids while I took pictures.IMG_2350

After that we were off in the party bus that took us to the church! We sipped some champagne on the way and arrived a little early. While we were waiting for all of the guests to make their way into the church, Rian was so excited and kept asking “Can we go in yet? I want to go. I’m so excited!” Soon enough, we let the anxious bride off of the bus to meet her groom. After the ceremony – which was beautiful – we took a few pictures in the church and then headed back onto the party bus that would take us to the reception at Quonquont Farm (say that 5 times fast). We enjoyed celebratory drinks on the bus while the gorgeous bride got the dance party started.

We took some final photos at the reception location and then it was time to be introduced! Rian and Corey wanted as much time as possible to drink and dance (you can probably understand why we’re friends), so after their first dance as husband and wife, dinner was immediately served. At around six, the dancing began and didn’t stop until they kicked us out at 10PM.IMG_2363


Needless to say, the reception was a blast! Afterwards, some of the guests went to Rian’s parents house for an after party and I ate somewhere around 8 pieces of pizza (I lost count). It was a beautiful wedding and I was thrilled to spend it with Rian and her wonderful new husband, Corey. I love you, Ri! Congratulations!IMG_2376


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