Five Things Friday, 10.11.13

1. I cried for one consecutive hour last night during Glee. We’re talking couldn’t-breathe, snot-on-my-shirt sobs. Watch it.

2. After watching, I had to stay up and watch funny things to take my mind off of all of the sadness. Turns out, Arsenio Hall has a show again? Tyra Banks was the guest last night. In case you were concerned, she is in fact still incredibly irritating.

3. Now that I have no more weddings to attend/fit into a bridesmaid dress for, I haven’t done any physical activity and I’m eating like it’s my job. I better reign this in soon.
honey boo boo (154) Animated Gif on Giphy

4. I feel like baking. Someone send me a good recipe.

5. This is the first weekend that I don’t have any plans in probably 3 months (I never exaggerate). I can’t wait to sleep in, and do nothing, and re-charge my liver.


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