Five Thing Friday, 11.01.13

1. Happy November 1st! It’s officially the holiday season. Is it too soon to put up my Christmas tree?

2. Did you dress up for Halloween last night? I did not, but went to dinner with a few friends. On the way home, Al and I decided we needed to make an emergency stop for candy. There was a little girl there (maybe 5 years old) dressed up as a princess who saw me head-first in the candy bin and asked “are you getting candy for your trick-or-treaters?” I couldn’t lie – she was so precious, so I just said “I’m not gonna lie to you, these are for me.” She didn’t think it was funny and I think she was mad I wasn’t going to give her any so she walked away.

3. I am now officially caught up on Scandal. Please don’t do the math of how many episodes I must have watched per day. I made the mistake of figuring that out and was incredibly frightened.

4. I’m seeing Lee DeWyze for the 4th time on Sunday!!! Let’s hope I get another pic like these.398246_720260350673_2054916631_n 38346_555297502543_3020107_n

5. Time to go raid the discounted candy bins (last night was just a single bar – don’t judge).

Happy Friday!


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