Five Thing Friday, 11.08.13

1. Just in case you missed it yesterday, Lee Dewyze recognized me.

2. Is X Factor going to address the fact that Paulina Rubio cannot speak English? This would be acceptable if anyone even knew who she was. Luckily, I know how to use The Google just like any other monkey. This is what I found.

Let’s just brush aside the fact that she’s a 42-year-old singing “boys will be boys.” How does this make her qualified to judge potential stars? I executed more talent when I filled the roles of both Sporty AND Posh Spice when my friends put on “shows” in my backyard with the aid of a boombox.

3. I downloaded the Nike Training Club app. Not only that – I actually used it. If you’re wondering if your boobs can be sore from working out, they can be. I don’t know why I do this to myself.
Amy Poehler

4. Watching Bridget Jones’ Diary as a Teenager vs. as a Twenty-Something is frighteningly accurate.

5. That’s all I got. Happy 3-day weekend!


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