I Need 1.5 More Hours Per Day

Well, it has certainly been a while! Do you guys even remember what I look like? Here, let me remind you.

I’ve been thinking that I’ve had such a long hiatus because I’ve been “so busy” but when I think about what I’ve been doing, the only thing that comes to mind is popcorn and wine. Just call me Olivia Pope. No, really, please do.

Yesterday I was incredibly mildly productive. We had a power outage at work and closed early. I got home at around 3:30 (usually 5PM like an animal) and just kept thinking about how much additional time I had in the day. The options were limitless.

I know you’re thinking, I read this blog enough to know that this chick plopped on her couch with a glass bottle of wine and chocolate and watched Netflix for 8 hours. This is obviously a well-educated guess but it’s not what happened! Instead, I went to the gym. I ran. I sweat like a monster. I gasped for air. Then I came home and showered. I was done with my shower by 5PM aka when I normally get home from work. I even cleaned a little bit after that with so many hours to spare.

Can you guys even comprehend how awesome that was? Normally if I went to the gym after work, it would be 7 o’clock (too close to my bedtime for comfort) by the time I was squeaky clean. My whole night is shot when I do that!

Anyway, I’m really jealous of people who get to do that on a daily basis so that should probably be changed.

And yes. Yes, I did watch Arrested Development for an unknown amount of time last night. Who cares!? I was so productive.


6 thoughts on “I Need 1.5 More Hours Per Day

    1. I’m behind the times. I’m still on the first season but it’s hysterical. And thanks! If only I can keep it up during the holiday season eating extravaganza I have every year 😉

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