Five Thing Friday, 12.20.13

It’s the Friday before Christmas, so we’re gonna make this one a quickie. Thatswhatshesaid.

1. I’m not above a shameless plug, so since Christmas is only 5 days away, might I direct you to some of my favorite posts about my Christmas memories

Christmas Memories, Part 1: Santa, Can You Hear Me?
Christmas Memories, Part 2: Stocking Rummaging at 3AM
Christmas Memories, Part 3: Santa Dad Writes a Note

2. WTF Target. As if you don’t already rob me blind before I make it to the dollar spot. Also, I love how they’re saying “if” you shopped within these 3 weeks your card may be at risk. That’s 7 trips, at minimum.

3. If you were hoping to curb your holiday eating by freezing cookies, I’m here to tell you LOL. You will 100% microwave them or just shove ’em in your hole frozen.

4. X FACTOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
gifs (4174) Animated Gif on Giphy
Alex and Sierra won and I have faith in singing competition shows once again. Let’s just all sign a petition for Alex to shave his creepy mustache and we’ll be golden.

5. My work holiday party is tonight. Tomorrow is Santacon to celebrate my friend Katie’s birthday. So excited!
excited (1200) Animated Gif on Giphy


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