Five Thing Friday, 01.09.14

It’s my first Five Thing Friday of 2014! What a milestone.

1. I’ve been using eye cream lately, AKA the actual anti-aging stuff. I saw a few lines the other day and just – I don’t want to talk about it okay?

2. I actually don’t mind the cold that everyone else is complaining about. Is that weird? Talk to me in March, I suppose. It’s mostly because I have an excuse to stay in sweatpants and watch Netflix. I’ve finally joined the rest of the world and am watching “Arrested Development.”  How was I not watching this ten years ago? Also, how is it true that 2004 is actually ten years ago? What is happening? (Please see #1).
arrested development (1495) Animated Gif on Giphy

3. It’s awards season! I watched 30 seconds of People’s Choice Awards but called it quits when Drew started acting super weird.

More importantly, Tina and Amy are hosting the Golden Globes again. Ellen is hosting the Oscars (although we all know I wouldn’t have been opposed to Seth again). THIS IS SO FANTASTIC.

4. I want to meet the guy behind “I’m Not Here to Make Friends.” I think we’d be good friends for obvious reasons. An excerpt:

This episode had so many wonderful Juan Pablo quotes that I found myself squealing in excitement like a small girl every time he dropped one, but I’m pretty close to a small girl emotionally so that makes a lot of sense. 

Here were my favorites: 

– “There are special moments in my life that have changed my life.” (That’s how moments in your life work.)

– “It’s all about destiny, you need to be in the same place at the same time.” (That’s how meeting people works.)

– “I just lookin’ for someone to get married.” (Just feels like that’s setting the bar pretty low, really, when looking for a mate, because that narrows the pool down to 1 billion, 200 thousand and everyone people.) 

– “Who else I was gonna call?” (Probably Ghostbusters I was, but just me that is.)

– “Who am I gonna give rose tonight?” (Not a rose, just rose).

– “You read a lotttt” (Someone told him she was a lawyer and he honestly said this to them. Holy shit, you guys. Holy shit.)

– “Essept.” (That’s how he says accept. Guys, that’s how he says accept.)

Essept. BAHAHA I can’t stop laughing.

5. How’s that New Year’s Res going for ya?/
its like magic


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