Five Thing Friday, 01.17.14

1. I think I’m finally done with American Idol. Keith Urban was the most irritating judge last year, and this year he is the best judge. You do the math.
fuse (21) Animated Gif on Giphy
I also don’t understand why Ryan Seacrest is still hosting this show. He realized that he can quit now, right? He got his foot in the door, slamming it in Brian Dunkleman’s face on the way out. There is literally no reason for him to still be doing this.

2. I need to watch like 500 movies. By 500 I mean about four, of course, but how am I supposed to be a legitimate critic for the Oscars? I hope Leo thanks Kate Winslet if he wins. #Leo2014

3. I’m trying really hard to get some sort of deal with Reese’s where they send me “samples for review.” Maybe you guys should have a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps a giant Star for the 4th of July? Think about it.

I’ve yet to receive a response for reasons I’ll never understand. If you guys could try and help a sister out, that would be great. I’d be willing to move into my fat jeans permanently.

4. My hair dryer died on me a few weeks ago. I finally got around to buying a new one after using Al’s for weeks and it was terrible. Who knew you had to carefully pick hair dryers? I just picked a random one at Target because if I stayed in that aisle any longer I would have went home with the curling iron and rollers I was eyeing but didn’t need. I think it was this one, but I’m not even sure. It was so incredibly loud and felt like I was using one of those handheld fans, AKA not powerful.

No one cares if you have a retractable cord if you’re not going to work properly. Anyway, I returned that garbage and bought a new one but haven’t used it yet because I only wash my hair about 2 times per week. I will let you know how that one works out. (For the record, the one that broke was Zoe and was so so so wonderful but I couldn’t find it anywhere and didn’t feel like waiting for delivery.

5. I’ve been watching Full House every night before bed, so apparently it’s actually 1994, not 2014. Wait, how is that 20 years ago and not 10?!?!
no (1208) Animated Gif on Giphy
UGH, It is still 2001 in my mind.


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