The Bachelor, Sean & Catherine’s Wedding: Grown Stupid

Well, the long-awaited wedding of a one Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici happened last night. We started off with watching these two during their move back to Dallas. I would have rather watched them getting ready live than see them travel across the country. Catherine moved in with Sean’s best friend because they wanted to wait until they were married to live together. That’s cool, but they said goodbye like they weren’t going to be seeing each other for months, when in reality, Sean lived down the street. I could have also done without the live shot of the honeymoon suite in the corner that just showed an empty bed.

Catherine met with the wedding planner and explained that she wanted the theme to be “Grown Sexy” which was quite obviously ridiculous wording. Couldn’t it have just been “sexy?” Is it possible that she would have confused it with the equally great “Toddler Sexy” theme? I’d love to see what that was. She went on to say “I want everything to be so sexy that everyone conceives that night,” which was incredibly strange, as per usual. The wedding planner inappropriately asked if they were still waiting to have sex. I mean, they’ve clearly made it a very public matter, but a bit blunt if you ask me. I don’t see how that knowledge would hinder or enhance her wedding planning abilities.

Things only got worse from here when we had to watch Sean shop for lingerie. Just when you thought that was over, it wasn’t. We then had to watch him give her said lingerie and see them both awkwardly giggle about it like a bunch of 13-year-olds. Catherine inaccurately referred to the lingerie as frosting for her body and America cringed. THEN, we had to watch her prepare for a boudoir photo shoot. She was going to give the pictures to Sean as his wedding gift because she “feels like a butterfly opening herself up.”

Finally, we got to the wedding, which was actually pretty classy. Catherine looked petrified when she was walking down the aisle, though – and not good nervous. I don’t know, it was weird. She seemed better once she was standing with Sean, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe share their first kiss as husband and wife after saying

Final Takeaway: It was a beautiful ceremony. These two are more weird than I ever originally thought. You want to wait until your wedding night to have sex? That’s great – good for you. Parading it around and making such a big deal about it with the lingerie, referring to the suite as a consummation station, discussing the evening with Chris Harrison (WTF!?!?!) completely takes away from any sort of special moment that you may have had. Stupid. 


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