The Bachelor, Week 4: I Feel Like I’m in a Mice

We were down to 13 crazy beeches on Monday night’s show and they decided to take them to South Korea. It’s so refreshing to see them being so realistic about what a 4th date should be. Side note: I hate that the girls acted surprised about the fact that they get to travel. Don’t you watch the show? Are you new here?

Nikki was super bummed that she got the group date because she doesn’t have a sister so she’s not used to sharing boyfriends. What the. What. I think she’s getting ‘sister’ mixed up with ‘prostitute.’The group went to learn a dance with “21,” a Korean girl group who are apparently the equivalent of the Spice Girls. They were then told that they would be performing with them in a mall. Sorry, but no Spice Girl would have been found performing for free in a mall circa 1995. The whole thing was ridiculous, obviously. Juan Pablo is apparently a huge fan because he was singing along. Kat was so obnoxious. I think she thought people paid to see her, and her alone. Nikki looked like she wanted to die because dancing just isn’t her forte. Who gives a shit? Bungee jumping off a bridge isn’t anyone’s forte either, but people do it. Suck it up.

Later in the evening, Nikki mentioned that Kat craves attention and everyone got so awkward and offended. I mean, she was right. She wasn’t trying to start fights, she was just stating the obvious. J Pabs asked Nikki what she thought about Camilla and she assured him that she was a good diaper changer. This should have gotten her sent home since Camilla is like six, but instead he gave her the rose.

If you thought the shower scenes were a thing of the past, you throught wrong. Before Sharleen’s date we got a chance to watch Juan Pablo suds himself up because that was super necessary to get a glimpse into his soul body.
Juan Pablo Galavis, Instagram

These two explored Seoul. They were walking around and J Pabs told her “I feel like I’m in a mice” five times before she understood and said “OHHH MAZE.” I’m still a little weirded out by Sharleen, but I have to respect her because she is the only one who is actually treating this like the beginning of a real relationship. She’s taking the time to decide if she likes JP, rather than only throwing herself at him to make sure he likes her.

If you’re looking for a fun date for Valentine’s day, maybe consider getting the dead skin eaten off of your feet by fish like they did on the next group date. Disgusting. Clare was the most hated on this date due to the fact that she is painfully annoying. She had to always make sure she was the one next to JP and wouldn’t try a bite of octopus. I really like Andi and Kelly for mocking her about this. Kelly pointed out that octopus can pretty easily be found at any Italian restaurant, and Clare was acting like it was something she’s never heard of. Andi got the rose for this date and Clare started twitching. Side note: Who is Lauren? She started crying because he wouldn’t kiss her, but I was pretty sure this was the first time they spoke.

During cocktail hour the ladies who had roses agreed not to talk to him so they wouldn’t take away precious minutes from the ladies who still had to give their final plea. But Omg Nikki went and talked to him and that is just like rude and messed up. Her and Clare started a minor argument, but nothing juicy. I’m team Nikki just because Clare is the more annoying of the two.

Lauren and Elise went home. I think Elise was the only one who was surprised. See you next week in Vietnam!


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