Five Thing Friday, 02.07.14

1. So I guess the Olympics are starting. Winter just doesn’t do it for me. I do enjoy figure skating. When is Tara Lipinski competing?

2. It’s obvious by now that I wait until shows are on for at least 5 years before I hop on board, so I’ve been watching Mad Men. I do like it but I’m still so confused as to where this series is going. I just know that Pete is such a tool. Does he get any better? Don’t tell me.

3. My arm is sore from cleaning the snow off of my car. I’m not even joking. Well, it’s either that or I slept on it weird because it’s certainly not from any sort of exercise.

4. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this song more.

5. I have book club this weekend and I haven’t read the book. Sorry, friends. I’ll still drink wine – thanks.
baby (2380) Animated Gif on Giphy


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