Five Thing Friday, 02.21.14

1. It was above 40* yesterday and it felt like summer. I was ready to get out my bathing suit and lay by the pool until I realized that I’m still carrying 2-month-old holiday weight and the pool isn’t open until May.

2. Um, my comforter that I ordered last week arrived and it was NOT cloud-like as advertised. Luckily, they offered free shipping and returns, but how do these people get away with advertising cotton candy puffs and then send me a piece of paper? What am I, an animal? How am I supposed to sleep soundly now!?
crazy animated gif on Giphy

3. I have to acknowledge this since I talk about Full House just as much, if not more, on this blog than Juan Pablo’s accent, but have you seen Full House Without Michelle?

This is so strange but I was cracking up watching it. The opening credits where they just showed her empty room? I die.

4. Why do things need to be labeled “gluten free” when they always have been and always will be that way? I get that some people need to avoid gluten, and thus substitutes for pastas, crackers, etc. are necessary and must be labeled gluten free. But why was my lettuce (yea I buy lettuce) labeled “gluten free?” Look, Romaine, you haven’t achieved anything special that some Iceberg has yet to accomplish. STFU.

5. Happy Friday! May you drink all the wines tonight.
wine animated gif on Giphy


One thought on “Five Thing Friday, 02.21.14

  1. Pertaining to number 5, there’s a joke in Arrested Development (a cancelled tv show) about lies that the boozy mother used to tell about alcohol. One of which is that if you leave wine sitting around too long, it will turn into grape juice. Another is that vodka will go bad shortly after you open the bottle. I think you see where this is going.

    Happy Friday!

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