The Bachelor, Week 8, Part Juan: Welcome Home, Pookie

Hometown visits are my favorite because everyone’s family always screws it up for them, but no one’s chances were really ruined last night, which was disappointing. Juan Pablo went to Nikki’s hometown first, in Kansas City, MO. She took him to Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue and then he rode a bull and puked up his barbecue (the last part wasn’t aired, but it definitely happened.)

Nothing all that outrageous happened at Nikki’s. Their parents liked Juan (I guess that’s a little outrageous) and Nikki told her mom that she wouldn’t be surprised if the next time she saw them, she was engaged. Nikki kept saying how she wanted to tell JP that she loved him but couldn’t for some reason. The reason is that she probably doesn’t.

Juan Pabs went to Andi’s next in Atlanta, GA. Andi decided to take him to the shooting range for their date because that’s cool. No thanks. Andi’s dad was super skeptical at dinner and was not hiding it at all. JP didn’t understand why it was troubling to him that he was dating 4 women. Ummmm.

Next up? Renee, who is so chill and has been in the background this entire season. They went to her hometown of Sarasota, FL. Juan Pablo got along with her son, Ben, really well which makes sense since they’re on the same maturity/intelligence level of eight years old. Renee also wanted to tell Juan Pablo that she loved him, but couldn’t do it. I’d imagine that it’s because this is what she kept picturing.

Sacramento, CA was the next stop to meet Clare’s family. Clare is the youngest of six girls. She is 32 so the rest have to be all in their 30’s and 40’s and every single one of these women kept referring to their mother as “mama” or “mommy.” One sister, Laura, was not okay with the whole situation and she kept saying “you’re not respecting mama” and speaking for this woman. I was under the impression that mama couldn’t speak English since she was speaking to J Pabs in Spanish, but then she switched it over to perfect English – better than JP’s, so I didn’t understand why Laura kept speaking for her. Clare was throwing a fit and they literally were all acting like they were teenagers, so I guess the whole mama/mommy thing was acceptable. Moral? Clare and Juan Pablo deserve each other.

Juan Pablo sent home Renee and I can’t wait until she realizes what an actual blessing in disguise this was. He cried when he sent her home, since now that’s what he does.

We’re left with Nikki, Clare, and Andi. I can’t wait to see what all the drama is about tonight. My guess is that they find out that JP and Clare banged in the ocean like 5 weeks ago.


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