Five Thing Friday, 03.21.14

1. I hate to start a Friday on such a negative note, but I have horrifying news. Not only did I have to go to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning (LOATHE TIMES 8 BILLION) but I was told that I have not one but TWO cavities. Don’t worry though, I was told “it’s not even your fault. You just have really deep grooves in your teeth. It’s bound to happen eventually. They’re small, but I’ll still numb you.” What does that mean? I will eventually need all of my teeth drilled? Should I just get dentures? If it’s not my fault, then why am I being punished? Oh, and of COURSE you’ll still numb me. Is it ever, oh, I’m just putting this electric drill in your mouth for 10 seconds instead of a minute so you can just deal with the pain!!?!? (I realize that some people actually do that and I am being a huge baby and this turned into a giant rant but I just hate dentistry and everything it involves. K thanks.)

2. I want to one day devote a full post to this, but can we stop with the open heart surgery commercials being aired on television as a tactic to get people to quit smoking? Some of us don’t do well with seeing a bloody heart right before them. That’s why I didn’t go to medical school.* I don’t smoke – never have, never will – and I would appreciate not having these commercials shoved in my face. Also, it’s 2014. People are aware of the negative health effects of cigarettes. If they want to smoke, they will. If they want to quit, they will. This isn’t new information. No one is watching this as they light up thinking Oh, shit. this is bad for me? I had NO idea! I better stop.

3. How is Carson Daly on The Today Show? I think this literally every morning as I’m watching. This morning, he even had a seat because he was filling in for Matt Lauer. What? Just stick to what you know and tell me what the #1 video is this week.
trl animated GIF

4. This is such a ranty post. Sorry not sorry.

5. Every day this week I woke up and thought at least it’s Friday! and then immediately wanted to punch someone in the face. Every. Day. Today, it was finally true. Have a sweet sweet weekend my friends.

*Just kidding. I, of course, couldn’t go to medical school even if I wanted to due to lack of intelligents.


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