Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I’ve really let this here blog fall to the wayside and I don’t like it one bit. Here’s some random crap that I’ve been thinking about. YA WELCOME.

This recently popped up while I was watching Netflix.netflixfacebook

Excuse me? I don’t have Facebook but who in their right mind would allow this? Is this supposed to help one look cool? “Erica has sat around watching 4 seasons of Mad Men for the past 3 consecutive days. She got up a few times to pee and refill her wine glass when she wanted to act like she was drinking along with Don Draper.” Like, what? Please tell me if there’s a logical reason that someone would share their Netflix activity.

I was back aboard Glee lovin’ train until Sue had an awkward one night stand and Blaine acted like a total douche when he straight up LIED to Kurt about including him in his big performance. UGH. Let’s just forget about the story lines and just have everyone sing and dance and put on concerts for us every week.

Taking over the world one “Crazy in Love” at a time…


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