Five Thing Friday, 05.09.14

1. Have you guys ever typed your name into Urban Dictionary? I suggest you do it, but only if you’re going to receive a definition as accurate as mine. Can’t make this shit up.UrbanDictionary-Erica

2. I somehow have not mentioned that I’MMA BE AN AUNT, BEESHES. My sister is due in early June and I can’t wait for my niece to find her aunt’s amazing blog on the internet in 10 years (maybe 5? kids and their computer skills these days). I can see it now: “Auntie Erica the Amazing (she’ll probably come up with that on her own), I saw on Urban Dictionary that you are the most beautiful queen to walk the earth. Is it also true that you’re a fierce ass bitch?” Yes, yes it is, dear.

3. I watched Frozen recently and am sad to say that I think it was a bit over-hyped. Before you start sending hate mail, let me explain. This was a wonderful movie, and had the entire universe not proclaimed it to be the greatest masterpiece ever, then I probably would have loved it. But I was expecting tears and crazy emotions and just SO. Much. More. I think I’d rather watch Aladdin, or The Lion King, or Toy Story, or BEAUTY AND THE BEAST like a million times over before watching this again. Is this growing up? Probably not, if I’m still watching other Disney movies. Oh well.

4. I love Full House. I love when people make videos like this about it even more.

5. Happy Mutha’s Day to all the mommies out there! Love you, mom! An oldie, but goodie – “I smiled last time”


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