Five Thing Friday, 05.16.14

1. I obviously have to address the whole Solange/Jay-Z debacle. Apparently they’ve worked through it but I NEED TA KNOW what started it. And we never will, because Bey = Class.

2. I ran a race with my company yesterday. A 3.5 mile race. A 3.5 mile race when I haven’t run more than .5 miles in the past 6 months. Needless to say, I am incredibly sore today and my knee hurts. Add it to the list of reasons I hate running.

3. Barbara Walters is retiring after 50 years in the biz so a bunch of female TV journalists joined her on The View to celebrate which was very nice. Look, I’ve been wanting Barbara to retire for 50 years now, but for the love of Pete, let her have her moment.
Of course, you need to be front and center, OPRAH. Because it’s ALL ABOUT YOU. I mean, come onnnnnnn.

4. To settle the argument once and for all that cats are by FAR better than stupid dogs, let’s take a look at the video of this cat chasing away a dog when it started attacking a little boy. If you don’t do well with open wounds, stop the video right after the boy runs out of the frame. You’re welcome that I learned that the hard way for you.

Cats are awesome. The end.

5. In honor of cats, happy Friday!
friday animated GIF


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