The Bachelorette, Week 2: Stoppppppp

Sorry this recap is coming to ya so late! I straight up forgot that it was on Monday night (holiday threw me off) and have finally had the chance to watch.

Andi was super happy because these guys are just “serious mixed with fun.” Plus, Chris the farmer “couldn’t think of a better way to start a love story,” which is weird because I can think of literally 50 better ways.

Eric got the first group date and the rest of the guys were obviously outraged. They went to the beach and hung out, built sandcastles, and flew kites. This seemed like a great date, but since simply going to the beach is for peasants, they then took a private helicopter ride (Andi said this was her first time in a helipcopter – is this true? How is that possible when she’s been on the show before?) to the top of a mountain where they walked through the snow in their bare feet like animals. They got to snowboard and decided to put on clothes for that which was a good decision. In case you missed it one of the 10 times Andi said it, she thought this was an “epic date.” Side note: Eric is the one that passed away after filming so this was sad to watch. I liked him, too.

Good thing the group date was up next because Andi “missed the guys” after meeting them for 60 seconds each 2 days earlier. The group was forced to strip (oh, excuse me – dance exotically) because there’s no better way to figure out if a guy is husband material. Sharleen and Kelly the dog enthusiast came to the show so they could pick from Andi’s leftovers. This whole thing was just wild. They were all grinding on Chris Harrison and accidentally showing too much junk. Just, no. Andi chose Marcus to do a “solo” because she is so obsessed with him. I don’t get why. Does anyone agree? Also, isn’t Andi the one who flipped shit when she had to model naked last year? Totally messed up that she agreed to this. Double standard, gurl.

Moving along to the dinner/booze fest portion of the evening, Josh the former baseball player told Andi that he wanted to squash the jock stereotype which made me actually LOL because he’s the definition of a stereotypical jock. Andi fell for his giggly smitten crap about how she gives him butterflies, but I’m not buying it. Not to be outdone by Victoria who got hammered last season, Craig decided to drink a little too much and embarrass himself. He was really just being obnoxious – jumping in the pool, asking Andi was her worst physical feature was (LOL), and just being loud. Producers calmed him down and sent him home. Andi was like omgggg what happened!?! She was flipping out like this was the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Relax. He’s not killing people. He got too drunk. Send him home and shut up. You have like 18 other dudes to pick from.

She gave the group date rose to Marcus who still creeps me out for some reason and I don’t know why.

Chris and Andi went on the next date to the Santa Anita Park to bet on the ponies. This was actually a good date idea, complete with 20 different wardrobe outfits for Chris. The producers paid some old couple to ask how long Andi and Chris were dating and give marriage advice. It seemed like genuine advice, but there’s no way they just randomly talked to them with all the cameras around. This woman’s guilty pleasure is probably the bachelor and she recognized Andi and asked if she could talk to her. Chris the farmer seems very sweet and genuine but I don’t think I see it between these two. They were given a private concert (these things aren’t even exciting anymore) where the first kiss this season happened! Andi seemed very not into it though, no? She kept pulling away a little.

At the rose ceremony, Craig wrote a song to apologize for the previous night. He is definitely the songbird of his generation. Check out these lyrics:

I messed up last night
I had too much firefly
I bared my junk to 13 other guys
But I hope and pray that it’s alright
Oh Andi, please let me stay

She sent him home, along with Hipster Carl (who cried) and Nick S. (who almost cried). Poor Nick. She made him do this and then sent him home!?

Final Thoughts:
Nick V. seems cute! Very genuine.
Marquel is so funny. Girlfriend is cray if she doesn’t pick him.

Chris, Josh M.

Predictions for next week’s 2 parter:
Andi will lock lips with 3 new guys (likely Marcus, Eric, and Nick V.)

Andi continues to say “stoppppp” and/or “stop itttt” constantly. It continues to be annoying.

Someone implies that they aren’t there for the right reasons and Andi cries and tells them all how serious she’s taking this.

Chris Harrison says something creepy.


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