The Bachelorette, Week 8: When Will Someone Address the Fact that Andi is SELFISH?

I love hometowns because they’re so stupid, and Al pointed out something last night that made me realize why. Every single family acts like it is a life shattering event. They sob. A LOT. They grill both parties with questions that are completely unable to be answered at this point. People meet their significant others’ families literally every day. They will either end up together or they won’t. No one cries about it unless they’re in front of a camera.

Andi and Nick went to Milwaukee to meet Nick’s giant family. His youngest sister was maybe 10 years old and asked Andi questions that were obviously pre-written out for her. When she asked Andi what her favorite thing about Nick was, she dove into a conversation about mental and emotional connections. Maybe you should have stuck to something simple when talking to the 10-year-old. Just say “I like our conversations,” or “I like that he looks like a murderer.” You know, something she can easily understand.

Andi went to Iowa to meet Chris upside down smile farmer’s family and I realized if these two end up together (not gonna happen) their children would be cursed with upside down smiles.

Chris took Andi on a tractor and she was so excited because she said her most common/worst line of the season: “this is a mannnn.” They talked about their future and Chris basically told her he would never move so Andi asked what she could do for work and he responded “well, there’s always the opportunity to be a homemaker.” Welcome to the 1950s, everyone! Me man. Me ride tractor. You like man. You make babies. Chris hired a blimp to fly over the cornfield and had a sign read “Chris loves Andi” and she ate it up, so I guess she’s okay with the whole homemaker thing. Full disclosure: Ain’t nothing wrong with doing that if that’s your thing, but that SOOO does not seem like Andi, which is what bothers me. Girlfran loves her work so I think it’s dumb she’s acting like she’d be willing to give it up to live on a farm. I guess it doesn’t matter since these two definitely won’t end up together.

I think Andi liked Chris’ family more than she likes him. They played some ridiculous game and I forget what they called it, but it was essentially hide-and-go-seek. When Andi found Chris behind some farm equipment in an open field he told her “you’re so smart.” I guess it’s good to know that he’s great with children.

Josh took Andi to play some baseball because he’s trying to relive his glory days. He essentially said that he stopped playing by his own choice because he wanted a family, but that was over five years ago I think. It sounds like he was just awful and couldn’t play anymore (You can look it up if you so choose. This ain’t no sports blog). I think Josh is awful, but when are we going to address the fact that Andi is so incredibly selfish? Josh’s brother was hoping to be drafted by the NFL and she was worried that all of the focus would be on him, rather than herself. She kept repeating that this was an exciting time in Josh’s life too and she wanted them to be excited for him, but Josh didn’t seem bothered when they were talking about football. Later that night, she voiced her concerns over the fact that she might be “forced” to go to football games on Sundays if Josh’s brother were drafted. WUT. I hate football. Despise it. But if I had the chance to watch my boyfriend’s brother play in the NFL, I would go any chance I got. That sounds like a blast. She is the worst.

Andi went to Dallas to meet Marcus’ family, but not before he reenacted their first date when he was forced to uncomfortably strip for her. It’s all about the romance, you guys. Nothing all that significant happened with Marcus’ family. Marcus did take the opportunity to thank his brother for being a father figure when his father left. That’s a great moment. Maybe do that in private, rather than when there are 50 cameras in your face. Andi was like “life with Marcus would be a fairytale. He adores me and is obsessed with me and would treat me like the princess that I am.” That’s great Andi. Are any of those feelings reciprocated? Selfish.

We watched Chris Harrison tell the group that Eric passed away. It was super sad so I can’t snark on this too much. I just feel like Andi tried to turn this into something that it wasn’t: ABOUT HER. She felt sooo guilty that she was so mean to him and that was their last conversation. One of all, you knew him for 2 weeks. If this was a close friend or something, then I could see you feeling guilty, but no. Two of all, he didn’t even seem upset when you were a total bitch. He didn’t like you and thought you were fake. I think he was happy he left.

For the first time this season, the rose ceremony shocked me. She sent home Marcus. Over Chris. There is no doubt in my mind that Nick and Josh will be the final two, which is unfortunate because they are the absolute worst guys out of the entire group of 25 men. What an awful selection. Would you rather step on rusty nails or hot coals? Neither, please.


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