Five Thing Friday 7.18.2014

1. I went to see Justin Timberlake in concert on Wednesday night and it was amazing. Dare I say better than Beyonce? I don’t know, but it was pure bliss. I will admit that I don’t know many of his new songs, but luckily he played old faves, including my all time favorite, “Señorita.” We were dancing the entire show and were sweating by the end. As Katie said, “I feel like I was just at a club.” That’s a concert, my friends. If only I had one of JT’s 800 talents.20140718-095404-35644901.jpg

2. I am late to the game and just started watching 30 Rock on Netflix. So wonderful. So obsessed. Love Liz Lemon along with ever other girl who felt a little quirky/nerdy at any point in her entire life.

3. PSA: Do not. I repeat, do NOT shop for bathing suits after eating Chipotle. You’re welcome.
HW people like making fun of burqinis but i think theyre a damn good idea

4. It’s a struggle, though, because it’s important to remember that pizza trumps all. 20140718-093813-34693486.jpg

5. How is it already mid-July? Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather before the bitter cold of winter comes along and you forget that you have toes. Womp Womp.


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