This Turning 22 + 5 Thing is Getting Old

I can’t believe I’m already 22 AGAIN. This is six times now and it’s getting a little bit ridiculous. I recall some deep lyrics I quoted in my AIM away message the day before my 17th birthday. John Cougar Mellencamp spoke to my tortured soul, apparently:

Hold on to sixteen as long as you can.
Changes come around real soon make us women and men.

How horrifyingly embarrassing that I’m sharing this with you, but I just can’t fathom how that was a decade ago. I also can’t fathom how I ever made friends as a teenager (or adult), but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m a fan of my “26 lessons I learned” post from last year, so I’m posting it again. I suppose I should add a *GULP* number 27, though.

27. You will have a creepy memory and remember what your away message said in 2004 but you’ll have trouble recalling what you did last weekend.


*Originally posted August 13, 2013*

Today is my 5th 22nd birthday!

In honor, I’m posting 26 things that I’ve learned thus far.

  1. Never paint your nails too close to bedtime. #Sheetmarks
  2. Life goes on without Facebook. And it is glorious.
  3. It is possible to enjoy a drink or two. Not every Friday night needs to consist of endless games of beer pong and flip cup, and heading to the bar at 1AM when you run out of beer. Although I will always treasure those nights.
  4. You can get lost on YouTube for hours listening to music.
  5. There is no shame in going to bed at 9PM, even if it is Saturday. Sleep sometimes trumps all else.
  6. You should probably try and save a little money, but if you have the chance to go to a Beyonce’ concert for $150 in the nose-bleeds, do it. That shit is priceless – Mastercard style.
  7. You are never to old to make 11:11 wishes.
  8. Toenails must always be painted. Just say “no” to au natural.
  9. Red wine is for Winter. White wine is for Summer.
  10. TLC’s lyrics are in fact “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls” as opposed to what 10-year old me thought was “Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls.”
  11. Never leave home without a hair tie around your wrist
  12. Also, say it with me – “phone, wallet, keys, chapstick.”
  13. Few things bring greater joy than scream-singing in the car. Bonus points if you get caught by another driver.
  14. Not everyone will like you. That’s okay. Stop wasting your time trying to make them.
  15. Burnt popcorn is the worst smell in the world. Watch that micro.
  16. The flaws you notice and dislike about yourself? No one else notices them. Relax.
  17. Getting sucked into reality television is one of the most awful and wonderful things. Guilty pleasure, minus the guilt.
  18. Exercise sucks. Do it anyway.
  19. Friendships will change. Hang on to the people you trust most.
  20. You will laugh about the things you cared about four years ago. Consequently, in four years, you’ll likely be laughing about the things you care about today. Try to keep this in mind.
  21. Learn how to give without expecting anything in return.
  22. Time alone can keep you sane. Take yourself on a date every once in a while.
  23. Don’t be rude to strangers. If they’re rude to you, kill ‘em with kindness.
  24. It is one of the hardest things in the world not to compare yourself to other people. Try not to.
  25. Don’t deprive yourself. Sometimes, ice cream is an “always” food.
  26. It’s okay to act ridiculous sometimes. In honor, blast some T-Swift and dance around. I promise, you’ll feel 22 all over again.

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