Well This is Awkward

I knew I hadn’t posted in a while but I didn’t realize it was on my birthday, over a month ago, until I came to blog just now. I feel like I should apologize for leaving for so long but I have no idea if anyone even reads this anymore.

awkward animated GIF

I was going to jump right into a “Five Thing Friday” but it didn’t feel right after so long. You’re basically getting the same thing, just without numbers.

There’s really no excuse for my absence. Well, kind of. I’ve been travelling a lot to see this guy. Oh, and spent a week at the beach.

Oh hey view from our house. I miss you.

After spending a week in glorious summer weather at the beach, I was greeted with fugging FALL. I do like fall, but the cooler temperatures was a cruel reality to return to after I was used to the sun beating down on my flesh every day. Speaking of, I truly have a love/hate relationship with fall. Obviously I’m going to take advantage of a plethora of Reese’s pumpkins while they’re here. I have already gone apple picking and have pumpkins on my table right now. It’s just the harsh reminder that winter is coming and no one even addresses it. Everyone’s just like yayyyy #PSL. Yea, you’ll be cursing that latte when your skin burns from the cold as you dig your car out. EndRant.

In the most exciting news, I started a new job! I’ve been there for about a month but didn’t mention anything about it on here because one, I haven’t been posting, but two – because I was scared it wasn’t real and they were going to take it away. But it’s legitimate and I am so so happy after searching for literally years for a new job. YAY. My advice if you hate your job and are looking for a new one? Cry and curse and want to punch things and think that you will never get a job. It’s therapeutic. BUT, keep writing tedious, awful cover letters, because there is always the chance that someone will finally realize what an awesome employee you are. #InspirationalBlog #LOLnope

I’m sure I have lots more to discuss that I just forgot about but that’s all for now. I will hopefully be back sooner than later.


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