Five Thing Friday 10.03.2014

Oh Em Gee. Two Fridays in a row!? Go me.

1. Sherlock has been consuming my life. I’m done with season 3 (I haven’t been THAT terrible – only 3 episodes a season) and now I’m so mad because I have so many unanswered questions that I will need to wait months to have answered. I don’t suggest watching this if you easily have nightmares or very vivid dreams. I surprisingly had no nightmares of Moriarty like I thought I would, but I did in fact have a dream last night that I was examining a dead body with Sherlock sooo yeah.
sherlock animated GIF

2. WTF Ebola. That is all.

3. Someone brought in a 5 lb. bag of peanut m&m’s into work yesterday. It was placed four feet from my desk at 8PM and remained there until 5PM. You do the math. What a cruel yet thoughtful person you are, new co-worker. I ate lettuce for dinner last night (not exaggerating) and I’ll probably get a cold (or Ebola) from everyone’s grubby paws going into the same bowl but I don’t even care. It was so damn worth it.

4. I am getting a much needed haircut on Monday. I have been genuinely considering chopping off anywhere from 1/2″ to a foot (I think I have enough where I could cut off an entire 12 inches!) Sounds gross. It just took me so long to grow and ughhh what a tough (but not at all important) decision.

5. My beautiful baby niece’s Baptism is this Sunday. Oh, and I’m the godmutha – NBD. I like to think I’ll be this kind of godmother.
cinderella animated GIF

Gotta jet! Time to find Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella now.


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