Five Thing Friday, 10.10.2014

I think a post per week is an excellent start after I was gone for so long. Let’s hop to it, shall we?

1. Most importantly, I became a GODMUTHA this past weekend. If you’re wondering if Francesca and I are besties yet, we are.20141009-174523-63923705.jpg
The first thing I will teach you is how to smile at the camera, specifically when it’s a pic of the two of us. You’re lucky you’re adorbs no matter what you’re doing.

2. The photo above is the last time you will see my hair that long for quite some time since I chopped it off the following day!20141009-174524-63924208.jpg

I haven’t had my hair this short in almost 10 years. I was scary, but I love it. I dried it yesterday like a big girl without a straightener and it looked surprisingly good! Those round brushes and hair dryer attachments are in fact there for a reason.

3. I did a little fall decorating. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, AmIRite!?20141009-174522-63922190.jpg

4. I came across a blog of someone who refers to themselves as a “life coach.” As in I will offer advice and will ask you for money for it. Oh, and I’m not a therapist. Excuse me? Aren’t these people called “mom,” or “friend” or “sister” or “literally anyone!?” If I have a tough decision to make or need some advice I’m like oh, I’ll ask so-and-so. Never once does it cross my mind DAMNIT if only I had a solid life coach I would find the motivation to finish that project at work. I just can’t believe people like this exist, and even more, people idiots keep them employed. I hate this world sometimes.

5. But I don’t hate it right now because it’s FRIDAYYYY. This is the first weekend in a long time where I have zero plans. Oh, excuse me, I have to go. A bottle of wine just called me and said it’s urgent.
wine animated GIF
Never change, KL. Never change.






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