I’ve Recently Made a Huge Decision

If you think that me writing a post about the spontaneous decision I made to cut my hair is stupid, then you are more than welcome to exit. Let me be vain for a second.

The new ‘do

I haven’t had hair this short in nearly 9 years, so this was a pretty big decision for me. I got tired of trim after trim so I went for it and cut off about 8 inches (I think? When it was straight, it went almost to my ribs). I’ve compiled a serious list of pros and cons for those of you looking to do the same.


  • I had no idea that people ever dried their hair in under an hour. I’m only sort of exaggerating. The dry time plus straightening was just fuggin’ ridiculous.
  • Long hair gets caught in your armpit. You don’t realize your hair is in your armpit. You turn your head and pull your hair. Pain ensues. This is a non-issue for me now.
  • I’d imagine I’m going to save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner (although nothing so far since I continue to place gobs of it in my hand out of habit).
  • Shedding occurs far less frequently. This might not actually be true, but I have noticed a significant difference. I no longer constantly slap my arms to find the random piece of hair that has fallen. This also means much less time picking up clumps of hair off of the floor since my vacuum has become unable to handle an abundance of hair.
  • I am learning to master the blow-out. I’m pretty sure my hair was outraged with how much I used my straightener. I’ve turned it on once in the past week to fix a random chunk that wouldn’t fall right.


  • I’m not sure how it will work curly. I au-natural-ed it the other day for kicks and it was a bit meh. I think it’s still too short to wear that way but I will play around with it more.
  • I am one-thousand percent certain that there will come a time when I miss this

    long hair
    Hey Jack!
  • and being able to do this
    Hey sis!


But, such is life. And besides, it’s just hair so stop making a big freaking deal about it!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Recently Made a Huge Decision

  1. I will never understand how people deal with the long hair, but that might be because hair is my weakness. Getting hair stuck in my mouth freaks me the heck out. My daughter of course knows that and tortures me from time to time by getting it near my face and I run out of the room. I think you will like having it short for a while, but I’m guessing you will enjoy growing it out too. Question: When you cut it, did the girls at your place of work freak the heck out? Everytime a female at my work does a drastic do cut everyone freaks out for days.

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