Dear Diary,

It’s been 21 days without carbs. Send donuts.


It’s really only been about 10 days or so. In that time I may or may not have had indulged in pizza, pasta, banana bread, wine, and cake. The cake might not completely count because it had buttercream frosting and the jury’s still out on butter.
Butter Diet animated GIF

Obviously I’m not someone who can completely remove carbs from her diet, because ice cream, but I have significantly reduced my intake. My pants are slowly starting to button again which is just a win-win for everyone involved. This has also forced me to cook more which is probably a good thing. There were far too many nights where I slapped a cup of peanut butter on a piece of bread or a spoon and called it dinner.

I’m hoping to keep this up for another month or so because Thanksgiving through the New Year should definitely all be splurge days. If you think a month and a half is too much splurging then you’re barking up the wrong blog.



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