Five Thing Friday, 10.24.2014

1. I bought a brand new bottle of my Clearasil facewash and for 5 days, every time I picked it up, there was facewash on the outside of the bottle. It was so baffling. I made sure to completely remove it each time but alas it would reappear every. Damn. Time. I was starting to think someone was messing with me (probably a ghost) until I realized…


There’s a freaking slit in the back of it. WTF that is so rude. Side note: yes I still use Clearasil face wash and have been since I was like 18. I’m fortunate enough to have the luxurious skin of a prepubescent teen and this is the only stuff that works on my pizza face.

2. Just in case you were tying to decide if Mother Nature is, in fact, a ginormous bitch, she is.


3. I got the new iPhone 6 which is so exciting for so many #firstwordproblem reasons. I had the same iPhone 4 for over three years and it was so pissed at me. Even if I barely used it all day, it would be dead by 5PM. I am currently writing this from my phone on Thursday night at 7PM and it’s at 65% and I haven’t charged it since last night. Also, the screen is the size of my entire old phone – AKA so nice.

4. I’m sure you all think that after my post on Tuesday I was elbow deep in a bowl of chips, but alas, I managed to stay away and am still going strong, except for 5 m & ms.

5. I’m going to see Gone Girl tonight and I cannot wait!!! Don’t fuck this up, Ben Affleck.



7 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 10.24.2014

  1. My favorite thing about my new iPhone6 is definitely the battery life (my iPhone4 was also dying too quickly)! Also I started reading Gone Girl after watching the movie.. I’m not too far in, but I think the actors do the book characters justice.

  2. I LOVED Gone Girl!

    I still have an iPhone 4S and I charge it at least 2 times a day, so I am definitely looking forward to getting a 6 (I just need to back-up my 100000000000000 pictures first!).

    Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh look who finally decided to do a Five things on Friday list. So the Iphone 6 finally got a little bigger. That was really nice of them. I’ve been rocking a big phone for a while now. Sorry you’re going to have snow in your place of residence. While in Seattle it rains like almost all the time, it rarely snows and almost never in November, so at least there in one less thing to be depressed about.

    1. That’s for sure but I’m not really a huge Batman fan. Fun Fact: When I was searching for a picture of him, everything that came up was some sort of joke/meme about how terrible Batman will be, so you’re not alone.

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