The Biggest Offense in this Country

Forget illegal immigrants. Forget the economy. Forget equal rights. Forget it all for just a minute and let’s discuss what everyone’s main focus should be at election time.

When are we going to make political campaigns illegal? I’d like to include everything (from pamphlets, yard signs, and annoying tweets) but let’s first tackle the most incriminating offense first: COMMERCIALS.

Does anyone’s opinion change after watching these?!? Wow, looks like Tom has done some shady business based on what is competition is saying. Now I’m not voting for him. This is a serious question – does ANYONE’s opinion change?!

If anything, I’m more likely to be in favor of Tom but then want to punch him in the face when his commercial pops up with his family clad in matching khakis. You look like a bunch of jack wagons and I would be ashamed to allow that sort of garbage to continue. So I was in favor of you, but now I’m voting for Joe because his commercial was less pretentious.

There’s really only one person who’s commercials I’d want to see but I can’t because I don’t live in North Carolina.


Never give up, Clay. Never. Give. Up.



One thought on “The Biggest Offense in this Country

  1. I think you have a solution there. I think it is kind of hypocritical of all these politicians to say they are for the environment and then put all these flyers and posters and crappy paraphenillia everywhere.
    If Clay Aiken is always running for second, then he is kind of my hero. I’m always second place or worse in everything. Or according to Nike, I’m the first loser.

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