A DC Photo Dump

I visited Tim this weekend. It was 50 degrees, rainy, and incredibly windy on Saturday so I decided that would be the best day to go explore DC on foot. It ended up being fun and I didn’t start complaining like a toddler that my feet hurt until we neared the end of our excursion. You’re welcome, Tim. Here’s some pics from our day.

We started out at the Washington Monument.
IMG_0085It was here where we heard a concert happening. We saw a giant banner across the stage that read “SLUT WALK” which seemed odd, so we walked a little closer to confirm to our confusion that we did in fact see this correctly. As we guessed, this is an organization to raise awareness about sexual assault. That is a fantastic cause but an absolutely outrageous name. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? We quickly began to relocate to the WWII Memorial.

Hey NY


There were lots of Veterans here and looked like they were all accompanied by volunteers showing them around which was wonderful but made me question if they were able to bring along a family member or not? I sure hope so. Onward to the Lincoln Memorial.


If you’re looking at the above photo thinking wow, it looks like the memorial is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from you, you are wrong. I was also mistaken and it was probably 5 more miles until we finally arrived.

Hi Abe!
Inaugural Speeches sure were shorter back then.


After Lincoln we headed over to the Vietnam War Memorial. I didn’t take any pictures here. Quite frankly, it was just really depressing. Just a list of names listed along a wall of Americans who died in the war. And the wall was long. We headed over to the Jefferson Memorial after this.IMG_0119Much like Lincoln, good old Tommy Jefferson looked like he was close by, but he was absolutely not, so we took a selfie break.


We made it!

This memorial was much less crowded than everything else we went to that day and I’m pretty sure is because it’s so far away from everything else. Stay lazy, America.

We looped back around and stopped at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and these stupid birds wouldn’t move.

We walked through the FDR memorial that we didn’t know existed and just happened to come across (#StupidAmericans)


Finally, we trekked over to the White House and I checked 25 times with Tim that this was going to be the last stop because I was tired and wanted beer. He assured me that this would be the last stop since this whole thing was my idea anyway. Oh, right, I forgot.

Same height

I looked for Olivia Pope but couldn’t find her anywhere so I gave up. We went to Clyde’s and had beers and wings, and complained about how tired we were like true lazy Americans. So, all in all, a pretty good day.


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