Friendsgiving & Thanksgiving All in One

I’m ashamed at my lack of blogging lately and need to pick it up because I know the 4 of your are on the edge of your seats waiting for a post. I’m itching to start talking about Christmas and drooling over Christmas lights, but first!

We had an incredibly successful 4th annual Friendsgiving celebration.

Baby Charlie was the star of the show and I’m so proud of her for having such a superb “don’t mess with me” face. The Friendsgivings of past concluded with beer pong. This year, we were falling asleep on the couch at 9PM trying to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation so, ya know, pretty similar.

After stuffing my face with food on Saturday, I did the same exact thing the following Thursday, with a side of meatball.

Who you callin’ meatball?

Just kidding, I didn’t eat my niece, but I did do a number on those cheeks, and my sister said pics are allowed on the blog, so sucks for you people who don’t like baby pics.


Our Thanksgiving was spent making faces and passing her around like a sack of potatoes because she’s the cutest baby alive according to her grandparents, parents, and aunts, so pretty unbiased scientific facts…


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