Two Easy Ways to Save $$$ This Christmas

I know I get started on Christmas celebrations earlier than most, but at this point, you’re just a Grinch if you have not begun partaking in festivities. Christmas Modern Family animated GIF

I wish I started shopping as early as I started playing Christmas tunes. There are two weeks left until Santa comes and we’re down to the wire. Snow storms have kept me trapped indoors the past few nights, so I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping – plus, it’s just easier to avoid the madness of the stores.
Boyfriend Modern Family animated GIF

Anyway, for those of you still shopping, here are two lazy ways to save money.

Ebates! I had signed up for this account a long time ago and completely forgot about it until I saw Lisa mention it. Use this ANY time you’re online shopping, ya hear? It will tell you about random deals that certain stores are having, and will also put money in yo pocket for doing nothing. You simply log in to ebates, click the link to the website where you’re ordering from, and they will automatically put money in your account once you complete your purchase. Sometimes it’s a small amount (like 2%) but if you’re buying something anyway, you might as well use it, right?
Ahahah Cameron animated GIF

The second website I’ve been using is Gift Card Granny. This is an awesome website where you can buy (and sell!) gift cards for less than face value. I’ve used this a few times already. Most recently, I was placing an order online for $150.00. I purchased a $150.00 gift card to the store from Gift Card Granny for $135 and change. I essentially saved $15 for doing nothing. They sell both physical gift cards and ecodes and there are SO many store options. I have never purchased the physical cards, but the ecodes have worked well for me so far. You simply purchase the gift card and the codes are emailed to you for you to use! This website is so awesome so I had to share.

That’s all I have for you. I just had to share the wealth. Get it? Get it? Pun intended.Christmas Christmas Gif animated GIF

p.s. I was watching Modern Family while writing this, if that wasn’t clear.


3 thoughts on “Two Easy Ways to Save $$$ This Christmas

  1. awww, I am glad that I was able to remind you about Ebates! 🙂 I first registered for it a long time ago but never used, and now I make sure to use it EVERY.TIME I buy anything online. I’m so mad that I haven’t always used it! Oh well, live and learn! 🙂

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