Five Thing Friday 12.12.2014

This has been the longest week. Happy Friday my friends.

1. I went to get my eyebrows waxed the other day and the entire time the lady was talking on her cell phone. I was a little nervous because I’d prefer your full attention to be on the hot wax you’re applying to my face, but she’s the same woman I always go to, so I wasn’t that concerned. As she was finishing she told me “I’m going to show you a spot that the person before me messed up. It needs to grow back.” There is no way it looked wrong before I walked in there. It had been way too long since I last waxed them and I was approaching Peter Gallagher status.


She kept repeating “it’s just one small spot. Just let it grow back, I’ll show you. You’re done. Come look.” I was so scared to get up and look in the mirror. Surely I was about to look eyebrow-less.


Turns out it’s not noticeable, thank GAWD! I just thought it was hysterical that she 100% messed it up and tried to blame it on the person who did it before her. Also you, ma’am.

2. Well that was a long number one. Moving on, the other day I glanced down at my phone to see I was getting the 20% battery warnings. This NEVER happens on my new phone so I obviously thought the world was ending and started panicking. After some more logical thinking, I realized I probably never plugged it in all the way the previous night.


3. It’s been snowing/sleeting on and off for the past 3 days. I found myself thinking “it’s so pretty!” And then cursed myself the next day when I had to clean off my car.

4. When I was searching for eyebrow pics this automatic search popped up and it made me so happy.

Poor Pete.

5. I’m really behind on my shows and that makes me sad/excited I have so much to watch. Wild Friday night, anyone?!



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