Five Thing Friday, 01.09.2015

I’ve made the decision to really bring this blog back to its roots. I’ve obviously been slacking and I don’t want to do that no ‘mo. I feel like the past few weeks have been crazy, with Christmas, life, etc. and now I’m remembering that I can take 30 seconds to blog when I get home from work before I watch Netflix.
Egocentric Honey Boo Boo animated GIF

I feel like I’m coming across as being super lazy with my lack of exercise and Netflix watching but I’m just not one of those people who’s like I don’t care if it’s cold, I’m gonna work out to heat myself up and sweat. No. No thank you. Why work out when you have blankets and sweats to warm you up!?

slow news day

1. Anywho, to start it off, I’ve updated my About Me page so that’s pretty exciting because I don’t think I had touched it in over two years. ThatsWhatSheSaid.

2. “It’s called a fashion blog, Todd.”

I crack up every time I see this.

3. Speaking of Netflix, I have now finished Season 2 of Orange is the New Black and need a new show to watch. I tried Downton Abbey and quite frankly, I’ll never understand you lunatics who enjoy that show. I kept it on for ten minutes and was so confused by the 800 different characters and everyone’s lame accent. British accent + mumbling actors = you are not speaking English.

4. I’ve been reading Jim Gaffigan’s new book, Food: A Love Story. This was actually a Christmas gift for Tim, but finders keepers, sucker! I have found myself actually laughing out loud multiple times. I don’t know if it’s really that good, or if I can just really relate to loving and thinking about food so much, but either way, I’d definitely recommend it.

5. Thank GAWD it’s Friday. We’ve made it through the first full work week after the holidays, folks.
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6 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 01.09.2015

  1. This one is a little out of left field, but there is a YouTube Web series called Video Game High School and it is awesome. Especially if you are into video games, but if not, still very clever and well done, especially for a You Tube series. Just a recommend because I like it. It has three seasons you can binge watch.

  2. Love your blogs Ericear..btw fanny has started the diet…next time u see me I will be 20 pounds thinner.. I have to get that book…I’m sure it’s a great read..I need to laugh cause this diet is killing me…love ya

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