Weekend Recap: Port City Brewery and Laziness

I visited Tim this weekend and we did what any normal people in their twenties would do went the “feels like” temperature was 12 degrees.


We went to Port City Brewing Company and drank away the day. We did the tour which was actually pretty cool. It’s a smaller brewery and everything was delicious. There’s a small “tasting room” that was packed and about 20 people on our tour. If I wasn’t lazy/brewing beer didn’t take forever, I would totes try it. But I’m a “need immediate results” kind of person.


We even sampled barly which tasted like fish food so that was a mistake. I’ve never actually had fish food, but I’d imagine this is what it would taste like.

Along with the tour we each got to sample 6 beers. The samples were 6 oz each so yours truly had a pretty good buzz going by the end of the night afternoon, since we started drinking at 2PM.


There is no food there but luckily there was a food truck set up outside so I housed some delicious BBQ chicken before we left and got pizza for dinner.

Obviously, this was not part of my diet, but everything in moderation, ya’ll. All in all, a stellar day. I highly recommend visiting this brewery if you’re in the DC area.

Needless to say, Sunday reached a new level of lazy for us. Tim’s landlord came in at noon to check a leaky pipe and asked if we had taken long showers that morning. LOLOL. No, we have not. Not even short ones.


We finally ventured out for lunch and forced our lazy asses to walk 4 blocks to District Taco. It was good but I still think I prefer my beloved Chipotle a bit more.


On our walk back, we stopped into Fleurir for some chocolates. Tim is allergic to chocolate (I know) so this was pretty selfish of me but I’m not even sorry because they were so amazing. I sampled the hazelnut which was phenomenal and then bought 2 of the caramel. Sorry, I didn’t take any pics of these since they were shoveled into my mouth immediately. Tim got homemade marshmallows since that was the only non-chocolate thing. He said they were delicious and “pillowy,” which sounded like it was a good thing. I’m not a big marshmallow person unless they’re holding Rice Krispies together or melting the chocolate on my s’more.

Now it’s Monday and back to reality. Speaking of reality…..

HAPPY BACHELOR NIGHT. See you animals tomorrow.


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