Five Thing Friday, 01.16.2015

1. The weather has been downright atrocious. I understand it’s January and Winter and blah blah blah but I’mma complain about it anyway, because you think all is well until you’re standing outside pumping gas WITH GLOVES ON and get what can only be described as minor frostbite on your hands at 730AM. Cut the shit, Elsa.
Disney Disney Frozen animated GIF

2. I was chatting about irrational fears with a few co-workers the other day and admitted that I still do a run and jump onto my bed if I’m up in the middle of the night for some reason. You know, so the ankle-slashers under my bed won’t come after me with a machete. Once I’m in bed, I’m safe.
disney animated GIF

3. I downloaded a free trial of Hulu the other day because I wanted to watch this season of Modern Family and it’s been too long since they originally aired so ABC no longer streams them on their website. Hulu gives you a free week-long trial. I went to cancel and they we’re like “No, please stay! We love you and we’ll give you another 2 weeks fo free!” Um, okay. But now my dilemma is, what do I watch? I don’t even understand Hulu. They keep telling me to click on movie trailers which just seems stupid.

4. I’ve started reading The Book Thief which seems to have gotten rave reviews from both my friends and internet strangers. I’m only about 50 pages in, but so far I’m intrigued.

5. If B is really pregnant I will be so happy.
Repeat after me: Beyonce just does this stuff for attention. She is not pregnant.

They’ve yet to confirm, and to anyone who thinks that this simple “buried in the sand” photo is confirmation, I think you’ve forgotten how grand she likes to do these things.
2011 animated GIF
We’re waiting girlfriend.


7 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 01.16.2015

  1. Speaking of irrational fears….My ankle slasher fear is about the ones that I KNOW live under my car. They think they can fool me but im on to them. I especially think they come out in full force over the holidays so they can steal the gifts you bought after they have sliced open your achilles tendon. Also..Fans. Ceiling fans. Standing fans all of them…give me heart palpitations.

    1. You can’t tell me the garage parking lot at the galleria didn’t have ankle slashers. You can’t. And I hope Nicole turns on all the ceiling fans when you’re at the house.

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