Five Thing Friday, 01.23.2015

Happy Friday, you guys! Here’s some super awesome happenings from my week, as per usual.

1. Something was being painted at work yesterday. By painted, I mean spray painted because the fumes I inhaled for the first 5 hours of the day are only ones which could come from a can. I’m one of those people who likes the smell of strange things, like gasoline. Anyone else? So at first, I was all about it, but after a while it was like wait a second, this can’t be healthy.
mad men animated GIF

2. My nails are very weak and brittle so they peel and break very easily. I’m told that “not biting them” would help this issue, but that’s not an option for me at the moment. I recently bought this “Miracle Cure” base coat from my girl Sally. I’ve only used it once so I’ll have to keep you updated on the results.


As a side note, this is the most amazing top coat to ever exist. My friend introduced me to this a long time ago, so I may have already mentioned it, but I digress. You can paint nails before bed. And pee without worry within 10 minutes of painting your nails. It’s fantastic.

3. We might as well stick to the beauty theme. I know the gentlemen out there appreciate it. I’ve been using Bare Minerals since I was in college so about 7-8 years (I dry-heaved writing that. I’m too old.) I have awful skin and this is the only make-up I’ve found that doesn’t make it worse so I refuse to change. Also, I’m a creature of habit. When they came out with the liquid foundation I wanted to try it so badly but was nervous about how my skin would react. I eventually bit the bullet and bought it. Results? I absolutely love it. If you use liquid foundation, my guess is that it feels super heavy and gross on your face. This feels just as light as the powder foundation and does the trick – dare I say – even better? If you decide to give it a whirl, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. I use 1-2 drops for my entire face.

4. I’m caught up on episodes of Glee and have been enjoying them only because the original members have been featured a lot so far. I’m almost happy the show is ending because it’s run it’s course. I’m only watching now because I have for so long and I need to see how it ends. I am 100% sure I’ll be sobbing at the last episode, who am I trying to kid?
glee animated GIF

5. Someone mentioned brownies at work the other day and now it’s all I can think about. I think I have my weekend plans.


4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 01.23.2015

  1. I appreciate you making this post all about the guys. I loved learning about make up and remembering way back when I used to watch Glee and sniffing paint and gasoline. Well maybe that would be a better option than being at work today.

    1. som jag skriver är det viktigt att fler gör något. Detta något kan vara till exempel att ringa polisen. Men att lagsfitta om detta löser inget problem.

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