Five Thing Friday, 01.30.2015

1. First and most importantly, I’ve convinced Tim to go to a Lee DeWyze concert with me. He has absolutely no idea what he just agreed to.IMG_0462

2. Last time I checked, AARP is for the 50 and up crowd. Why the hell are they sending me sign-up information!? I am appalled. Someone needs to be fired.

3. The Super Bowl is this weekend which means absolutely nothing except for the fact that I’m trying to think of a football themed app/dessert to bring to my friend’s house. Any suggestions? Healthy recipes need not apply, as per usual.

4. I ordered some bathing suits for mad cheap while Victoria’s Secret was having their semi-annual sale. I was so proud of myself for my awesome steals and couldn’t wait for them to be delivered. And then, well, I wasn’t as excited.

Wasn’t enough to stop me from eating that cookie yesterday, though, so all is well.

5. This was the longest week ever. Have a great weekend! Eat lots of food and enjoy the Super Bowl – if that’s your thing. Just never forget the greatest Halftime show to ever grace your television.
RealityTVGIFs animated GIF


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